m4fr is closed

As I recieved a few mails asking about the reasons why m4fr is closed here are a few lines:

m4fr was online for more than a year. During that period of time 17 users have uploaded one or more materials.
Very few have uploaded more than 5 materials (thanks for that). During the last months (especially after the site update)
there were 15 uploads. At the same time there has been a monthly (user) traffic of 20+ gig. As I still do see the need for
some sort of a materials repository for finalRender users I´m not sure how this could be done without users actually
making an effort to support said platform. As sad as it sounds but I´m not willing to pay for a kind-of-dead site.

So all there is left to say is thanks for your visits.

Some final words about your personal data:
Neither your names nor your email addresses will be given to someone else. They´re not even online anymore.
They eventually exist in my last site backups only.